Stephens Design Group ... is currently working on a “traditional beach-inspired Hamptons home” in Bridgehampton as well as a more “modernist, gallery-like” space in Amagansett. There’s no doubt this ability to move seamlessly between two vastly different aesthetics has become Stephens’s calling card, and ultimately, his recipe for success.
— Hamptons Magazine
BRADLEY STEPHENS has a country home, Rockwater, in New Preston, which is a testament to his extraordinary talent. Since establishing his own interior-design firm in 2003, he has created many high-profile interiors and has become one of the most sought-after designers in the business. He is the sole designer of every project and is able to combine artisan finishes and high-end craftsmanship with a sense of tasteful lived-in luxury.
— Litchfield Magazine - "Most Influential"
Last week, we toured the Harbor’s Edge development, which is virtually completed and ready to start sales, in the hot town of Sag Harbor. We were blown away and wanted to move right in... The penthouse we toured was just decorated by designer Bradley Stephens (see above) and it’s right down the hall from the rooftop pool. We say make a deal to buy it fully furnished and move in with your toothbrush.
— Curbed Hamptons
Two families building one house could have been a recipe for disaster. But it turned out to be a pleasurable challenge for a pair of sisters who sought an elegant, comfortable, and practical escape from the city for themselves, their husbands, children, and a steady stream of houseguests.

’We talked through the sequence of the home, area by area,’ says Stephens, who probed the families’ functional needs along with their aspirations and what their previous homes had lacked.’ I liken it to writing a novel about their lives in this new place,’ he explains. ‘That was the foundation, so before we made one decision or stepped into the first showroom, we knew all about their preferences.’

’I probably feel most comfortable in the kitchen and family room,’ says one of the sisters. ‘I just love how it can absorb 10 to 15 people and still be comfortable and cozy. It turned out better than I could have ever imagined. I envision years of happiness here.’
— Hamptons Magazine
Trend Spawning timeline:
2009 - Manhattan interior designer Bradley Stephens’s clients start commissioning neon typography for their homes
— New York Magazine
Bradley Stephens drew the club-like palette of the master sitting room from the natural tones of the seaside. Grass cloth wallcoverings, a chevron-patterned ceiling, and a seagrass rug evoke the timeworn, gray-brown tones of driftwood and weathered shingles, providing a backdrop that welcomes a mix of modern furniture forms.
— Traditional Home Magazine
Clients rave about Bradley Stephens’s elegant yet functional interiors. With a focus on artisan finishes and high-end craftsmanship, Stephens creates a sense of tasteful, lived-in luxury. We’re told he makes every project a collaborative one, and that relationship is one of the many reasons clients love him.

Stephens is said to be meticulous on budget, and gives clients an item-by-item, room-by-room “recipe” for their home with high-priced and low-priced options for everything. Said to be a big believer in the philosophy of “the Gap skirt with the Prada jacket,” we hear that he is a designer who understands how to prioritize spending.

One satisfied client said it very well when she told us, ‘In my mind, Bradley is a rising star and I feel so lucky to have found him before he inevitably gets inundated with clients.’
— The Franklin Report, Five-Star Rating
Stephens set to work stripping away the darkness, trading layers of somber paint for white Venetian plaster walls and ebonized floors. Piece by piece, they reintroduced things that held personal significance. They put down new roots without destroying the old. They made it a home.
— New York Spaces Magazine
‘It’s funny. I basically did what you’re not supposed to do, which is work with friends. But they turned out to be talented, creative and responsible.”
— Anderson Cooper
With Annie Lennox as his muse, Bradley Stephens’ bedroom fused divergent design elements to illustrate the rock star’s persona - a combination of bare-bones emotion and theatrical spectacle.
— Architectural Digest
My daughters were in their pretty party dresses, covered from head to toe in chocolate ice cream. Bradley took one look, laughed, and said, I get it. Washable fabrics!
— Soledad O'Brien
New York interior designer Bradley Stephens is normally busy crafting art-infused residences for clients that deftly mix contemporary and traditional influences. However, his latest project, Le Cochon Tote, is a piggybank handbag with a message.”
— Surface Magazine